Wave's~ BlitzMax Tutorial~ July 20, 2005 ~ Version 10
Beginners guide to BlitzMaxversion 7

Sectionpage  Sectionpage
Overview2 Functions in Types11
Variables3 Some TList functions and methods12
Global or Local3 Arrays in Types12
Constants3 Extend Types13
Comments4 Override Methods14
If-statements4 Self14
Then5 Super14
Not True or <> False?5 Casting14
Start with Graphics5 Abstract and Final15
Loops5 LinkedLists Lists of Objects15
Flip and Clear6 Sorting of Lists16
The coordinate System6 Strings17
Input7 How Strings actually work17
Functions7 Refreshrate and Delta Time18
Random8 Images19
Arrays8 Real-Time Timers19
Arrays with Multiple Dimensions8 Animations20
Fake multiple dimesions with arrays in arrays8 Save images in your exe20
Check length and sort8 Sounds21
From Array to Slice8 Short on Collision detection21
Types9 Make your first BlitzMax game 22
Setup and Create Types9 Get Debug Help 22
List types9 By22